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Gray's life is an open book. She's escaped foster care, lived on the streets, run with a gang, pushed drugs as a fifteen-year-old and been beaten nearly to death by people she loved. All these moments are tattooed on her body, a permanent reminder of where she would never be again. 

Now as a successful tattoo artist with her own shop and talented (if annoying) employees, she's more than content. 


Until she meets Maya. 

While the soundtrack to Gray's life is a loop of 'Can't Fight this Feeling', it doesn't seem to be the same for the young college student. At least, not all the time. Their stolen moments are steamy, passionate, illicit and more than a little romantic. But... that's it.  

Gray yearns for something more but Maya stealthily shuts down any talk of commitment. What's she hiding? 

Trigger Warning: Mental Health, Trauma

When Hanna’s coven makes its final pilgrimage to say farewell to their late mistress, she doesn't expect to get caught by the lowland tribe for trespassing. Neither does she expect to be held captive by the tribe’s commander, Jem, a handsome woman with a resolve of steel. 


Trying to kill Jem hadn’t ended well. Now, Hanna has to find other wily ways to get herself out of irons...

A Bit About Me

If stories that reject heteronormativity but, like, not in a self-congratulatory way, are your cup of tea, grab yourself a biscuit and dive in. Into the novellas, I mean, not the tea. God, this is a mess.  


If this is your Big Gay Awakening, hello! 


My characters and I are so pleased to have you. No, you don’t have to watch The L Word. Yes, this explains why you find Ruby Rose so attractive. And yes, you’re bound to run into some gay AF 18+ content.

TL;DR I write gay AF wlw fiction. 18+. Grab tissues.


Long version: Is your phone on Do Not Disturb? Great, let’s begin.


I'm Lily, the authorial voice behind Alex, Maya, and Jade - a novel due out in Spring 2018.  

Despite what my Literotica page might imply about my narrative standards, this is not your average trashy fiction hub. In fact, it definitely is slightly above average. Some might even call it *gasp* satisfactory. 

If you’re a queer prose aficionado, you’re probably aware that most LGBT+ representation takes the form of the bread you’d find in a middle class sandwich: noticeably thin and white. You won’t find such a lens here. I’m here to uproot this standard and provide a realistic, diverse take on cliterature.

You should receive your queer welcome package in the mail shortly.​

From the outside, Cady lives a charmed life. She’s a young expat teacher in Singapore who’s traveled more than most people her age. She has a beautiful little condo, a loving (ish) mother and a few good friends. But why has her love life always been… lacklustre? 


A chance meeting with a sexy prospective student seems to shed some light on her failed relationships and her lack of emotional reactions to them. Alex is a smart, gorgeous, passionate and resourceful nineteen-year-old who seems too perfect to be true… but does she actually have her sights set on her little blonde teacher? 


Pursuing a relationship with Alex comes with its trials. She carries deep emotional scars stemming from her family’s rejection of her identity at an early age - at least, that’s what Cady can gather from what Alex hasn’t told her. 


Will her family’s sudden reappearance in her life break Alex? Can Cady help her feel whole again?

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